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The power of bulk SMS.
at your fingertips

Sending SMS  is easy with the right tools. With a few clicks, you can quickly and easily send SMS messages to your customers.

Send SMS by vuuma

Send bulk sms in Kenya and across Africa.

You are there and have been wondering how you can easily send sms to your customers, your suppliers, your employees, your students, your church congregation, worry no more. Vuuma platform offers cheap, reliable and easy way to easily send sms all over.


Best Amaizing Bulk

Customized sender id
You get your customized sender name or id that marches
Customised SMS
This feature allows you to send used messages to multiple recipient
Scheduled Messages
This allows composing of messages and setting to send i
Multiple Accounts
One user can have multiple sender and ids under one one name to
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Good deal to devs


Are a software developer, our API service allows you to intergrate your clients systems and use the API to send sms to relevant recipient in your systems, It might be system users confirmation, payment confirm or any kind of alert in form of an sms.
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