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Wonderful Features

Our bulk Sms amazing Features

Customised SMS

This feature allows you to send used messages to multiple recipients at once, or to create and send individual messages. SMS messages with the recipient's name and salutation.

Grouping of Contacts

This feature allows you to group contacts into different categories and groups and thus making it more easier to send sms to specific contact group . it might be customers in a certain region.

Import contacts from excel

When you have your contacts saved in an excel sheet, this feature allows you to quickly and easily import these contacts to the system and thus easy making it so easy to save many contacts.

Customized sender name

Yoour get your customized sender name or id that marches to your specific brand name to help you build more physical brand to your potential customers, vendors and recipients.

Delivery Report

An SMS delivery report feature allows the user to know if a text message has been delivered. This is useful if you are waiting for an important response and want to be sure that it has been sent.

API key

Our API allows software developers to integrate vuuma sms with their systems that they build to facilitate good communication for the system they are building for their clients.

Scheduled Messages

This allows composing of messages and setting to send it in future specific time to specific recipients. This plan enables the users to plan ahead or perform sms sending repetitively.

Multiple Accounts and sender id

One user can have multiple sender and ids under one username thus allowing the user not to keep on logging out to sender sms under different username thus time saving.
Fair prices

Vuuma Prices

Our prices becomes cheaper as purchase more sms’s, the more the sms’s you purchase the cheaper it becomes.

One time fee of Ksh 8,500 network to purchase sender id example "VUUMA"

When you purchase sender we give free 1,500 free sms's.